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Root Canals

Dentist Performing Root Canals in Morgantown, WV

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal removes bacteria from an infected root in an attempt to save the affected tooth. The dentist will remove any infected pulp from the root, clean the area, and fill and seal it. Root canals are simple procedures that restore your teeth back to optimal health. With modern technology, root canals are much more comfortable and less of a chore than in the past. If you need a root canal, or experience extreme tooth pain, call Willow Tree Dental in Morgantown, WV, at (304) 598-0400 to schedule an appointment.

Signs that You Need a Root Canal Treatment

It can be hard to tell whether your toothache is from sensitivity, a cavity, or something larger. Patients should address any kind of lasting tooth pain, as infection can easily spread throughout your mouth and greatly affect the rest of the body. A few signs that you may need root canal treatment or other dental services includes:

  • Swollen, sore, or decaying gums
  • Extreme pain while eating or biting
  • Long-lasting sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Chipped or broken teeth

If you notice any of these signs, call Willow Tree Dental right away. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and decide on the best treatment for your condition.

Contact Willow Tree Dental in Morgantown, WV, for a Root Canal

If you need a root canal treatment in Morgantown, WV, or the surrounding areas, contact Willow Tree Dental today. Our experienced team can perform root canals and other various restorative dentistry to keep teeth healthy. If there is no way to save the tooth, we also perform tooth extractions. Talk to our dentists today to schedule an exam and to see what treatment works best for you. We are currently accepting new patients in and around Morgantown, WV.